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Autorobot B15


Autorobot B15 collision repair system possesses versatile lifting features: lift on wheels standing on the ramps or on chassis pads when you need to work on the wheel assembly. The versatility of B15 means better productivity for the body shop, when almost all jobs in the collision repair process, except painting, can be done without moving the vehicle from one place to another and there is no need to get a separate lift.

Role of Autorobot B15 in body shop work:

  • Disassembling vehicle parts before collision repair
  • Straightening small and large damage, 10t power
  • Assembling work after painting
  • Other normal repair jobs just as with any car post lifts
  • Lifting vehicles on wheels like with any drive-on car lift
  • Lifting vehicles on lift pads under the car frame to leave wheels hanging free