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Autorobot B20 Super


Accessories - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair B20-4A Chassis support (jig) set,, which hydraulically directs additional support to the car chassis so that the straightening of the damage can be controlled better than with conventional methods. The support set can be used to secure the immobility of the car in the chassis fasteners during powerful pulls. It can be used as a quick lock set for vehicles without pinch weld and frame-type vehicles together with B20-7 series. This method is used for repairing small damages.
Accessories - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair B20-3A Hydraulically driven rear end of straightening bed extends the straightening bed to the car length and moves the rearmost chassis fasteners to the right place in lengthwise direction. Furthermore, the same hydraulics can be used in straightening work
Accessories - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair B20-6 Additional straightening tower with 11 ton hydraulics and chain.. An additional tower is needed for simultaneous pulls from both ends of the car, or when you want to pull both sides of the car at the same time, e.g. counter pull and the actual straightening pull.
Accessories - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair 676B-2 Two-point support (jig) set for demanding repairs to keep a certain part of the car in its place during straightening work. Due to the robust structure of the second support it can be used also in horizontal straightening of frame. The threaded rods of the straightening set can be used for vertical pulls. Chassis support is needed also during roof structure renovations.
Accessories - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair B20-7 Lifting pad and fastening set for lifting the car and for small repairs. During straightening work the set is used together with B20-4A series or with the support unit of the straightening tower.
Accessories - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair B20-9 Pull and push set supports vehicle structures and works with push straightening and chainless pulls. Straightening hook and gripper included.
B20-8 Tower adapter makes it possible to use a second pull tower in the front of the B20. A double pull is necessary when you need to pull the car frame on the left and on the right at the same time.