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Autorobot B20 Super

Practical examples

Practical examples - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair The support arm B assembled in the pull/push tower in the picture can for example provide support above the wheel suspension during the straightening work. The actual pulling of the front frame is done by using a pulling wheel in the beam C installed in the tower A.
Practical examples - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair With the B20 Gold set a 2-point pull at the vehicle front or rear end can be effected by using the pull/push tower of the B20 together with the tower A installed in the straightening unit with the help of an adapter (No. B20-8). The tower A pull movement comes from the hydraulics of the starightening unit. Alternatively, it is possible to use an additional tower No. B20-6 instead of the tower A. The additional tower incorporates hydraulics.
Practical examples - Autorobot B20 - Collision repair Picture features a downwards pull of rocker panel by using a downward pulling wheel and an axle which can be moved in the car's lengthwise direction.