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Product development

Autorobot Finland Oy stays on the cutting edge of innovation. We continue to develop novel working methods and equipment for auto body repair. Our company has been first to introduce several new designs, many of which have been adopted by the industry.

Product development - Autorobot

Some of Autorobot's trendsetting innovations:

  • Drive-on ramps to speed up fastening vehicle to the bench.
  • Full-coverage measuring arch slides over the entire vehicle body for measuring sides and upper structures.
  • 3D measuring data produced of the chassis, upper structures, sides, front and rear parts, roof and rocker panels.
  • Universal fastening system (Starblock) interchangeable for MB, BMW, pickup trucks and other framed vehicles, using the same basic fastener. Simple, economical, smart.
  • Modular bench system allows expansion of basic units. One low-cost system can be expanded with several modules until it becomes an efficient three-tower straightening system with push and pull capabilities.
  • Centrally operated hydraulic operation (Autorobot II Super, Autorobot IV and Autorobot B20). This enables pulls and pushes as well as seamless direction changes since the entire system's hydraulics are centrally operated.
  • Robotic straightening arm (Autorobot IV) that can be used, due to central hydraulics, for unique straightening techniques. Some of these are: pushing (even inside the cabin), lifting up the roof structures, straightening out the vehicle floor, pushing or pulling A, B and C pillars from inside the vehicle.
  • Aluminum straightening towers that ease straightening work, because the handling weight is 50% less than ordinary steel towers.
  • Electronic measuring system, for full-vehicle coverage, measures the entire vehicle chassis and body. Based on a mechanical measuring arch that slides over the vehicle, the same measuring setup can measure both the vehicle chassis and all the upper body structures. The whole system can be used either mechanically or electronically; for this reason the system is also suited for training in this field.
  • Radio-controlled Autorobot B20 straightening bench. Radio control enhances work safety as well as easing and speeding up repair work.
  • Autorobot B20's front-to-back hydraulically adjustable bench quickly places fasteners in the correct spot for every vehicle, significantly speeding up fastening time. Also, a vehicle can remain fastened to the bench during side pulls, because the front-to-back position of the fasteners moves with simple lengthwise adjustment of the bench.
  • Product development - AutorobotB20 Pull/push straightening method. Double-action cylinder technology allows stop support to an adjacent area at the same time that a pull or push is being performed at damage site. Severe damage is quickly repaired. Quick pulls possible without vehicle fastening in some cases.
  • Hydraulic straightening unit accords additional support during demanding repairs, such as for vehicle fastening as well as to rocker panel ends or frame structures. This additional support allows higher pulling forces required for straightening frame damage.