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Capacities summary

Properties Autorobot
B10 (XLS+)
Ramps (drive or winch the car on the bench) x x x
One-bolt chassis clamps x x x
Sill clamp distance optimized x x x
Special fasteners/Starblock applicable x x x
Quick clamping with hold blocks   Gold/Silver  
Sill clamps hydraulically adjustable   Gold/Silver  
Bed can be extended hydraulically   Gold/Silver  
Adjustable working height + use as a lift x x x
Set pulling angle with quick lock (horizontal) x x  
Radio control hydraulics (220V/115V)   x  
Remote control hydraulics (with cable, 400V)     x
In-built hydraulics (closed system)   x x
Chainless straightening with arm     x
4 pc 3D pull towers standard     x
Chassis supports (jigs) applicable x x x
Mechanical and electronic 3D measuring systems applicable x x x
Pull/push straightening (Power Pack) x x
Warranty 1 yr 1 yr 5 yr
4 yr limited