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Dent pulling

614+4A Panel Puller set 4A

614+4A - Dent pulling - Autorobot

Set 4A incorporates a resistance welding machine. Easily detachable wires or washers (No.s 6 and 7) are welded to the damage area, and a pulling clamp is attached on these. After this the dent gets pulled out by manually turning the crank handle. Autorobot Panel Puller set No. 4A has an extension profile (2) for handling large surfaces, for example the side panels of the utility vehicles. Not having to disassemble the inner structures means a huge time saving.

 » Panel Puller set 4A brochure (PDF-file)

614+4A - Dent pulling - Autorobot 614+4A - Dent pulling - Autorobot

614+4A - Dent pulling - Autorobot

Necessary repair tools can be kept handily available in the Tool Trolley. The trolley has wheels and it can be easily moved close to the working area.

614+4A set equipment Kpl
Straightening module 1
Profile extension 2
Pull ring 1
Allen key 5 x 160 1
Allen key 5 x 85 1
Wire D3 mm 50
Washer HSK-811 30
Tool trolley 1
Spotter A-14 1
Consumable kit 1
Inertia hammer 1