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Capacities summary

Electronic Mechanic
300ELH 300ELG
Insensitive to environment disturbance (sounds, light, air contitioning) X X X
Accurate and reliable upperbody measuring X X X
Accurate and reliable chassis measuring X X X
No extra accessories needed for upperbody measuring X X X
Number of points showing at the same time (upperbody + chassis) 2 + 4 2) 2 + 4 2) 2 + 6 3)
Can quickly measure chassis points and upperbody points in mixed order X X |
Can measure extra high vehicles - - o
Can measure extra long vehicles o o o
Cross measuring function X X |
Photographs for locating measuring points X X |
Datasheets available on DVD-ROM 1) X X X
Datasheets available on paper * * *
Number of measuring points in the datasheet (upperbody + chassis) 30 + 36 30 + 36 30 + 36
Updates for datasheets available from Internet X X X
Before and after repair reports X X X 4)
Visualises repair progress during pulling X X X
Can be used on lift set/lift post X X |
Renewed internal cabling X X (ELG)
| (ELF++/+)
Wireless communication to computer X * (ELG)
| (ELF++/+)
Choose measuring rod positions in the device's operation panel X | |
Save measuring points in the device's operation panel X | |
"Battery low" warning X | |
X Standard function
| Available after upgrade
* Available as accessory
o Available on special order
1) Datasheets must be installed to computer before using.
2) 2 points are measured with computer and additional 4** can be measured mechanically (only chassis) with bridges I and II (2 points with each bridge). If bridge No. III is available, up to 6** additional points can be measured simultaneously in the chassis.
3) In upperbody measuring 2 points can be measured simultaneously. In the chassis up to 6** points can be measured at the same time with bridges I-III.
4) With mechanical system the measuring results must be typed manually in the computer to get a printed report (a PC is required for using the software).
**) Bridges No. I and II measure symmetrical vehicle widths. Bridge No. III measures widths that can be different on the left and on the right side of the vehicle.