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Autorobot Tracker

Autorobot Tracker 300EL+4 Autorobot Tracker

Autorobot Tracker is designed to be used with EzCalipre for tracking the inclination changes of the vehicle during the measuring process. The device makes the measuring during the repair quick.

Autorobot Tracker uses also wireless WLAN technique to communicate with measuring computer and it reports all the changes in vehicle inclination after EzCalipre has been calibrated to the vehicle. If inclination of the vehicle is changed, measuring software will change the calibration of the EzCalipre accordingly. When Autorobot Tracker device is used with EzCalipre, vehicle can be raised or lowered on a lift or on a bench during the damage estimation or body repair work. With Autorobot Tracker unit it is possible to measure the whole vehicle including body, chassis and side tructures using one and the same calibration of the EzCalipre tram gauge.

Stand for Autorobot Tracker Autorobot Tracker with Stand 300EL+5 Stand for Tracker
(included with the latest model)
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Li-Ion charger for Autorobot EzCalipre/Tracker Li-ion charger for EzCalipre/Tracker
(spare part no. 203316)