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2006-09-12New Multi-purpose chassis fastenerUutinenAutorobot Finland Oy has developed a vehicle chassis fastener working with a new locking method. MB, BMW, Audi and other vehicle types with frame can be fastened quicker in the bench with the new fastener. The new fastener gives possibility to fasten vehicles at the lower part of the door opening. This way vehicles without a pinch weld in the chassis can be mounted without purchasing any vehicle specific fastening heads. Placing the fasteners in the door opening has become possible after the rocker panel box sections have become stronger (safety cage). Upper mounting is remarkably quicker for example with cars that have a plastic cover member in the rocker panel.

The new fastener gets locked in the desired position super quick with only two knocks of a hammer. A knock at the wedge locks the fastener into the straightening bed and the adjustable fastener arm in its position at the same time.

A patent is pending for the new chassis fastener together with its upper mounting method.

Picture A

STAR Quick fastener A and its arm B get quickly locked with wedge C. With only few hammer knocks the utility vehicle (see picture) has been anchored with STAR Quick fastening system and frame fastener D.

Picture B

The vehicles without pinch weld can be fastened with STAR Quick fastener A and fastening head E (several vehicle specific fastening heads available).

Picture C

Another alternative with light and middle size damage on MB, BMW, Audi etc. cars without pinch weld, is to use STAR Quick fastener A and upper mounting F at the door opening.

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