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2002-09-13Autorobot Datasheet manager -applicationUutinenAutorobot Finland Oy has developed a new software called Datasheet Manager to make the use of Autorobot Datasheet Service easier than before. Datasheet Manager is easy to use and it speeds up the car data sheet update process because of it's automated update processes. The automated processes handles downloading of the data sheets and measuring data. In addition to data sheet updating it is possible to view and print data sheets that are installed into system.When Datasheet Manager is used the user doesn't have to go to Internet with a browser to get new or updated data sheets from Autorobot Datasheet Service. Datasheet Manager displays the list of downloadable data sheets and provides options to select and download the data sheets needed by the user. After downloading, the software installs the downloaded data sheet files and transfers the measuring data involved to measuring database. After succesfully completed update process, the user can use the new or updated data sheets in Autorobot Data Sheet System - measuring software.

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