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2002-08-16Autorobot Panel PullerUutinenAutorobot Panel Puller makes the straightening of vehicle panels even faster and more economical. The special features of Autorobot Panel Puller are easy use and high pulling force, which can be achieved with use of the lever handles, making the equipment suitable for almost all kinds of car body straightening.Both the magnet and suction pads allow for easy use of the Autorobot Panel Puller. Both fittings rotate horizontally and they are adjustable, thus allowing the support needed for pulling being placed on the best possible area. Panel Puller needs a resistance welder for fixing the washers or welding wire to the area to be pulled.

According to the information from insurance companies, approximately 80 % of all damage is to the surface of panels. Surface damage often appears on case structures, which cannot be pulled from inside of the car. Exterior straightening with the use of the Autorobot Panel Puller means remarkable savings to working time, because doors and other body structures will not need to be disassembled and reassembled. The advantages of the Panel Puller can best be noticed in the repair of large dents to the welded sides of the car and roof. This is why the Panel Puller is one of the most important tools in modern body shops.

The length of the puller basic part, equipped with two aluminium profiles, is 900 mm. If necessary, 700 mm extension profiles can be added to the basic part, after which the structure length is 1600/1700 mm. This is enough also for straightening van side panels.

Patent pending.

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