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2018-11-18Multifunctional wheel stand setUutinenDuring the last couple of years, we have developed many new Autorobot products to serve the needs of modern vehicle repair, main weight on collision repair. One of the recently launched products is Multifunctional wheel stand set for lifts. It makes vehicle repair work quicker and easier in many ways.
The stand set expands the useful area of lifts. The stands that are fitted under the wheels of the vehicle enable e.g. rocker panel repairs and exhaust pipe replacements.
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   Icon image/jpeg Lift_wheel-stand-set_pict1.jpg (100 kB) Icon image/jpeg Lift_wheel-stand-set_pict2.jpg (101 kB) Icon image/jpeg Lift_wheel-stand-set_pict5.jpg (146 kB) Icon image/jpeg Lift_wheel-stand-set_pict4.jpg (34 kB)

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