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President's greetings

Autorobot Finland Oy started manufacturing auto body straightening systems in 1977. Our foundation was based on a patented invention that made vehicle straightening quicker and more efficient - the most important property of our systems at the time. This quality later on proved to be one of the more remarkable factors behind the success of Autorobot.

In recent years, advancements in vehicle body engineering have gone towards greater passenger safety. New requirements have forced vehicle manufacturers to create stronger frames where, for example, most rocker panel sections are of a much higher strength. Stronger box construction thus favors bench fastening methods based on pinch-weld holds. For this reason, pinch-weld fasteners, along with body support equipment, make this the quickest and most efficient way to mount increasing numbers of vehicles onto the straightening bench for repair. Therefore, the value of Autorobot's patented fastening methods has grown to be superior in present vehicle straightening work.

Today, almost all vehicles have an auxiliary frame. Since the body is fastened to this frame with vertical bolts, these specific locations offer Autorobot technicians excellent reference points for measuring chassis and body positions. So, measuring new vehicles to acquire the all-important measuring standards for each model has become easier and more precise. This results in top-quality repair with body shops' use of Autorobot's 3D measuring systems, both the electronic device with new software and the manually operated one. The quality of the straightening work can be proven to the insurance company and to the vehicle owner with help from the measuring standards document.

Our present Autorobot product line also includes patented pulling tools for general use such as grippers, versatile pull sets, sheet metal pullers, resistance welders and other distinctive equipment needed for today's collision repair.

In Kuopio, Finland,

Olavi Venäläinen
Autorobot Finland Oy