Body shop tools and equipment

Versatile and modern car straightening tools/accessories,  body shop fixtures and wheel stand sets.

Body shop tools and equipment

Body shop tools and equipment

Body shop tools and equipment

Autorobot’s product range includes large number of patented body shop equipment to make car body straightening job easier and faster. Some of the products are suitable for all vehicles and body shops, but some are specified for certain car brands. Autorobot car body repair tools are designed to meet the requirements of today’s strong car body structures. Garage trolleys help to keep body shop tidy and in good order, also improving work efficiency.

Body shop tools and equipment


We have different kind of clamps and other dent pulling tools for different types of repair jobs in our product range.

Trolley for handling car wheel and doors

car wheel and door trolley

Multifunctional trolley for handling wheels and doors of a vehicle. Trolley ensures ideal working position and increases productivity of the body shop.

Haarukkapukit asetetaan auton pyörien alle auttamaan esim. pakoputken vaihdossa.

Multifunctional wheel stand set

Wheel stand set can be used with a wide range of lifts and it enables access to the entire vehicle chassis for repair jobs.

Body shop trolleys

Various equipment solutions for maintaining body shop order.

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Why to choose Autorobot?

We want to see car collision repair in a bigger picture than just straightened panels. We have brought new innovations, developed working methods and working ergonomics for the industry. We have lived with our customers in both dented and straightened moments. We are committed to our job and constantly evolving together with the industry.

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