How often should the measuring systems and auto collision repair systems be serviced and calibrated? Can this be done on site?

Electronic tram gauges should be calibrated every six months. 3D measuring system calibration should take place every two years. In case of damage, calibration also has to be done after repair. Collision repair equipment has to be serviced once a year. Autorobot’s local dealer provides service and calibration on site: https://www.autorobot.com/support-and-service/

Measuring data and datasheet service

How can I obtain Autorobot’s measuring datasheets?

The easiest way to get access to Autorobot data is to contact your local Autorobot distributor and ask for different subscription options. Subscription to the datasheet service includes free use of Autorobot’s vehicle database, which is continuously updated. See Datasheet service page for more information.

What is the latest Datasheet Suite update?

The latest Datasheet Suite update is JAN/2023.

Datasheet Suite software is asking for activation code. Where do I get it?

Please follow these steps:

  • Write down or copy the system ID from the activation window
  • Contact your Autorobot distributor and give them the system ID
  • Your distributor will enter your system ID to Autorobot database and after that they can create an activation code for you.

Once you have received your login and password to Autorobot Extranet you can manage your account details as well as activation codes in Autorobot Extranet. If you cannot solve the problem with above steps please contact Autorobot datasheet support

You can download example datasheet, which shows the content of typical Autorobot datasheet.

Vehicle fastening and support

How are different vehicle makes and models fastened to Autorobot machines?

Vehicles that have pinch welds on the underbody are fastened with Autorobot’s standard one-bolt chassis fasteners (patented). Vehicles without pinch weld can be fastened (in most cases) from the upper part of the rocker panel. We also have vehicle specific fastening sets for vehicles with frame, or ones that have no pinch welds. Please see further details of different fastening options in vehicle fastening and support

How is sufficient support provided for pull and/or counter-pulls?

Autorobot has a wide product selection of versatile support equipment, from additional fastening sets to adjustable bearers. A counter-pull can be created with the help of another pulling tower. Please see further details of fastening and support options in vehicle fastening and support

General questions

How can I buy collision repair, body measuring or other Autorobot products?

Autorobot has several importers, distributors and dealers all around the world. You can locate your nearest dealer here:

Are Autorobot accessories compatible, so that I don’t need to buy specific accessories for each bench model?

Most of the fastening and support products are compatible with any of the Autorobot straightening benches. Some of these products may be designed to some specific model and in that case compatibility might be limited to specific model/models. Our Tram Bar type measuring systems can be used with any bench model.

How many patents does Autorobot have?

New Collision repair methods and products developed by Autorobot are protected with more than 100 international patents.