Mechanical measuring system

Mechanical 3D measuring system

With Autorobot’s easy-to-use mechanical measuring system car chassis and body measuring is very efficient. Mechanical 3D measuring system consists of the mechanical device for car chassis and of the measuring arch moving over entire car body.

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Mechanical 3D measuring system

With easy to use Autorobot mechanical 3D measuring system you can measure both car upper body and chassis with great efficiency. Measuring system assists you with chassis and upper body straightening work by telling the direction and extent of straightening. When estimating the straightening work and final result, you have with you a 3D measuring data base of chassis and upper body collected during over 30 years. Autorobot has, as the first measuring data provider in the world, included in data sheets in addition to chassis measuring data also the measuring data for example on upper measuring points of McPherson, front and rear fender corners, A-, B- and C -pillars, rocker panels and roof corners.

Mechanical 3D measuring system consists of two parts: 300C+ measuring device for car chassis and 695F measuring arch for upper body. Chassis measuring device is equipped with aluminium lengthwise beams (length profiles) placed on the sides of the car and on which measuring bridges with bearings are being placed for chassis measuring. The measuring arch is placed on top of the chassis measuring lengthwise beams, which allows it to move freely lengthwise thanks to bearings. Measuring rods placed in the measuring arch allow quick and accurate measuring of important car body points.

TIP: Did you know that mechanical measuring system can also be purchased only with measuring device for car chassis 300C +, which allows you to expand e.g. scope of use of EzCalipre electronic  tram gauge.

Mechanical 3D measuring system

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Measuring system to whom

Autorobot mechanical 3D measuring system for entire car body is recommended for quality conscious body shops that repair demanding collision damages and want to ensure accurate repairs that are provable to clients and insurance companies. This system can be ordered also consisting of chassis measuring device (300C+) only, allowing it to be used for example with EzCalipre 3D electronic tram gauge in the most demanding straightening work.

Technical information

  • Aluminum composition
  • Inner height 1890 mm/74.4 in (in upper body 695F measuring system)
  • Inner width 2040 mm/81.5 in (695F measuring arch) and 1700 mm (300C+)
  • Lengthwise beams 4000 mm/158 in
  • Measuring arch (695F) weight 32 kg/70 lbs
  • Measuring device for chassis (300C+ with three measuring bridges) weight 43 kg
  • Total weight incl. measuring tools 97 kg/214 lbs

Mechanical 3D measuring system – Equipment

Mechanical car measuring system
300C+ Underbody measuring system
695F Overhead measuring system, high

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