Support and service

Need help? You will find information on e.g. device maintenance and datasheet service, as well as contact information for technical support and service personnel on our support pages.

Instruction manuals

Instruction manuals

You will find all needed information of operation and maintenance for your device in Autorobot device-specific user manual, these instructions are included with the equipment. Electronic versions of the manual (pdf) are available for most devices in our Extranet service. Login and password for the user manual service located in the Extranet are given to registered customers. If you have a measuring datasheet subscription, you will receive credentials automatically.


Maintenance of Autorobot products

  • EzCalipre tram gauges should be calibrated at least every six (6) months. You can perform the calibration yourself according to the instructions shown in the manual.
  • Autorobot 3D measuring system containing measuring arch and underbody measuring device (both mechanical and electronic) must be calibrated and inspected for correct operation every two (2) years.
  • With Autorobot car frame machines/lifts at least functionality and lubrication of the mechanical locking system must be carried out annually.
  • Contact your local dealer if you need further information about maintenance of Autorobot products.

Service and technical support contact persons

Service and technical support contact persons

Body straightening and Equipment
Mechanical measuring technique & Devices

Electronic measuring devices
Measuring software (Datasheet Suite)

Jarkko Venäläinen
Technical Manager

+358 10 322 5720
+358 50 027 4794
[email protected]

Information and answers to common questions

Support and service

General information about equipment that needs service and information on technical support and spare parts.

Measuring data service

Autorobotin mittaustiimi tuottaa 3D mittatietoja auton rungosta ja korista. Autorobotin nettikorttipalvelu


How is sufficient support provided for pull and/or counter-pulls? How are different vehicle makes and models fastened to Autorobot machines?


Login and password to Autorobot Extranet are given to registered Autorobot customers. Please contact your local dealer for further information.

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  • Great service and very fast response.

    Ragnar Geir Jónsson
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  • Autorobot Finland OY is simply the best in the market!

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    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa

  • Good company.

    Rakesh Sehgal
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  • The primary reason for the score was you did very well, all thing considering, that we are miles apart and yet you responded to me, not in a week or a Month, that good customer service for me.

    Rose Constance
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  • I purchased a 714 satellite b set with other attachments and so far everything is working as expected and prices was great also. They responded on timely way whenever I had any questions on their products.

    Bodyshop, USA

  • Friendliness and professionalism.

    Paula Nobre
    AUTOTEC, LDA., Portugal

  • Product quality is great and the service behind the products is excellent.

    ASTRA, Los Barrios, Spain

  • I am very happy with general support and knowledge which I got from Autorobot. I am very happy with the quality of products and the technical solution. And I like to work with good people who can understand this business.

    Aleksander Presekar
    KOCH, Servisna Oprema, d.o.o., Trzin, Slovenia

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We want to see car collision repair in a bigger picture than just straightened panels. We have brought new innovations, developed working methods and working ergonomics for the industry. We have lived with our customers in both dented and straightened moments. We are committed to our job and constantly evolving together with the industry.

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