Equipment for car collision repair

In Autorobot’s product selection you will find high-quality and long-lasting equipment for car collision repair. Long experience in car body repair and continuous product development guarantees that our product range meets the needs and expectations of a modern body shop.

Solutions for car body straightening

Autorobot C2

Autorobot C2 Quick lift/car frame bench represents a new generation of collision repair systems by working both as a lift and as multifunctional car body bench.a.

Autorobot B15

Autorobot B15 is a patented lift/frame machine combination designed to meet the various demands of the body shop.

Autorobot B10

Autorobot B10 is ideal for all types of body shops which appreciate quick fastening of the vehicle, easy chassis work, and opportunity to use the equipment as a lift.

Autorobot Micro C

Autorobot Micro C is a great option for quick car body repair of small and medium-sized damages.

Solutions for car body measuring

Autorobot EzcaliPre

EzCalipre3D is an advanced electronic measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and for damage documentation.

Mechanical measuring system

With Autorobot’s easy-to-use mechanical measuring system car chassis and body measuring is very efficient.

Solutions for auto dent pulling

Multipurpose equipment for vehicle dent pulling

In Autorobot’s product range you will find excellent tools for dent pulling both small and large dents.

Solutions for vehicle fastening and support

Vehicle fastening sets

Advanced fastening sets for different types of vehicles.

Vehicle support sets

Versatile vehicle support sets to help with demanding straightening jobs.

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