Autorobot measuring data service

Autorobot’s 3D measuring data service delivers specifications on both the vehicle’s chassis and upper body. Autorobot’s measuring team gathers these specs from undamaged vehicles fastened to our straightening benches, as in real-world repair operations. This exacting process has proved to be the best way to collect accurate 3D measuring data.

Autorobot measuring data service

Autorobot measuring data service

Measurements of the undamaged vehicle’s chassis and upper body are made from the front to the rear end. Due to the high number of data points provided to the repair technician, field measuring work is expedited and repair quality is improved. Along with measuring specs, also fastening instructions to Autorobot bench are included. These are specific to the vehicle model and describe the appropriate tools and fastening points. Autorobot 3D measuring datasheets are accessible for customers with datasheet subscription. Datasheet subscription can be purchased with 3 or 12 month subscription period. Autorobot Datasheet Suite software includes also photographs of measuring points, in addition to measurement specs and fastening instructions. The photos provide an even easier and faster way to locate the measuring points indicated on the datasheets.

We want our customers to have access to new data as soon as possible, and therefore some sheets are published based on a fewer amount of repeat measurements. If we have new information regarding measuring points in the already-published datasheets, an update is provided for the sheet in question. Both the updated and new vehicle datasheets will be delivered to our customers on the next Datasheet Suite software update. In the meanwhile they are also available as downloads from Autorobot’s Extranet datasheet service.

What kind of information is included in Autorobot datasheets?

How can I obtain Autorobot’s measuring datasheets?
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Autorobot Extranet datasheet service

Autorobot Extranet datasheet service provides customers up-to-the-minute access to the latest measuring data in electronic format. The idea is to make the newest and newly updated datasheets available between semiannual software updates. Datasheets can be downloaded for viewing in PDF format or for Autorobot Datasheet Suite software in ADF (Autorobot Data File) format. Datasheets can also be downloaded directly to Datasheet Suite with the inbuilt ‘Internet update’ function of the software. Autorobot Datasheet Suite software can be downloaded from Autorobot Extranet or it can be purchased on USB flash driver.

Access to datasheet service in Autorobot Extranet is granted to customers with valid datasheet subscription. If you have any questions or comments on our new datasheets or Extranet credentials, please contact your nearest Autorobot distributor or send email to factory: [email protected]