1. Quick vehicle fastening

With the help of drive-on ramps a car can be driven right onto the auto frame repair machine where sill clamps are ready for fastening the car. Vehicle mounting is easy and extremely fast with Autorobot equipment (only 5-10 min.).
Time saving up to 50% versus competing solutions!

2. Efficient vehicle fastening sets

Autorobot has developed versatile fastening tools for different types of vehicles, such as ones with full frame and with or without pinch weld.

3. Ergonomic work

Advanced work ergonomics enables faster and more efficient working methods that does not strain the technician.

4. Convenient and efficient work with new generation remote-controlled equipment

With new generation remote-controlled equipment functions can be controlled near the car.

5. Accessories for body shops

Autorobot’s product range includes several universal car body repair tools that work independently or in combination with different types of body shop equipment.

6. 3D measurement of car chassis and body

Autorobot was the first in the world to develop 3D measurement for entire car body. Product range includes both mechanical and electronic measuring systems.

7. Measuring data service

Autorobot has its own, comprehensive measurement database. Model specific measuring datasheet has about 60 measuring points with measuring point photos of the measuring targets.

8. Efficient car chassis and body work

Autorobot has developed versatile and efficient tools for straightening both car’s chassis and body. Short straightening bed structure allows easy replacement and installation of car parts.

9. Powerful straightening modules

Autorobot’s additional straightening modules can be easily fastened to the straightening machine, e.g. for demanding repairs. Same modules are compatible with different Autorobot bench models, which is an economical option compared to the purchase of several complete sets.

10. Support sets for demanding vehicle straightening work

Different levels of adjustable support sets are available for demanding straightening work. These can be used during straightening work as a support device or for holding new body structures in place. Many of our support sets allow you to focus straightening force only to the damaged area which speeds up straightening of the vehicle.