Electronic 2/3D tram gauge for vehicle measuring

Autorobot EzCalipre3D is the latest model of our measuring system line and it is the first tram gauge in the world with 3D measuring mode. EzCalipre is an advanced electronic measuring device for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition and for damage documentation.

Areas of use of the measuring device

Measuring systems

Autorobot EzCalipre3D

The new tram gauge is easily portable and movable, it can be used for 2D/3D measuring in all kinds of surroundings, and therefore it opens up whole new scopes for vehicle estimation. EzCalipre’s technique is supported by Autorobot’s own, very comprehensive vehicle data files (approximately 60 reference points on the car-specific datasheet). Autorobot EzCalipre tram gauge uses wireless WLAN technique and it has a very unique capability to measure height differences (patented feature). EzCalipre and the measuring software (Datasheet Suite) has been produced for over 10 years and the current version of EzCalipre tram gauge (760EL+) is 4th edition. Latest development work has improved the accuracy as well as the use of the system

Electronic 2/3D tram gauge for vehicle measuring

Areas of use of the measuring device

Autorobot EzCalipre is suitable for measuring passenger vehicles, cross country vehicles and vans, and it’s most essential purpose is to serve body shop diagnostics and structural vehicle repair. Wireless and easily portable with the carry case, it is easy to move around. EzCalipre is a mobile solution which adapts to the moving work of insurance company inspectors, for example. EzCalipre provides reports from chassis and/or body points that were saved during the measuring session. It can be used for quick 2D/3D measuring in all kinds of surroundings, and therefore it opens up whole new scopes for vehicle estimation. Patent pending.

HINT: Did you know that EzCalipre electronic tram gauge can be completed with mechanical 3D measuring device for car chassis allowing system to diagnose and repair also very demanding damages?

Technical information

  • Measures length and height difference between measuring heads
  • Height measuring is based on reading tram gauge angle (inclination)
  • Works together with a computer (not without a PC)
  • WLAN connection between tram gauge and computer
  • 760EL+: Length 1.14m, extension bars 0.76m and 0.9m, max. total length 2.8m
  • Weight approx. 2kg (without extensions) 
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 
  • Over 10 hour operating time (760EL+ with Li-Ion battery)

System requirements

  • PC with min.2 GHz single core processor (Multi-core processor recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 or 11
  • Recommended resolution 1366×768 (800×600 minimum)
  • 2 GB RAM (1 GB RAM minimum)
  • 2 GB of available hard-disk space (1,5 GB minimum)
  • 2x Free USB2 (or higher) interface for WLAN adapter / USB flash drive
  • Printer: ink jet or laser (Color printer recommended)

See also add-on module- Autorobot Tracker

Autorobot EzCalipre demo video

See how Autorobot EzCalipre 2/3D measuring device is used in various vehicle measurement jobs incl. damage documentation. EzCalipre Tram Bar is a mobile measuring system, which can be used for 2D or 3D measuring in all kinds of surroundings.

Excellent match with this product:

Autorobot EzCalipre3D sets

300EL+1A Autorobot EzCalipre3D kannettavalla säilytyslaatikolla
300EL+1A Autorobot EzCalipre3D with carrycase
300EL+3 Autorobot EzCalipre3D 300EL+1D PC-kaapilla
300EL+3 Autorobot EzCalipre3D with PC Cabin 300EL+1D

Autorobot EzCalipre3D – Optional equipment

300EL+4 Autorobot Tracker
300EL+4 Autorobot Tracker
300EL+1D PC-kaappi
300EL+1D PC Cabin
300EL+M Magneettipidin
300EL+M Magnetic holder

Inclination tracking device –
Autorobot Tracker

Autorobot Tracker 300EL+4

Inclination tracking device –
Autorobot Tracker

Autorobot Tracker is designed to be used with EzCalipre for tracking the inclination changes of the vehicle during the measuring process. The device makes the measuring during the repair quick.

Autorobot Tracker uses also wireless WLAN technique to communicate with measuring computer and it reports all the changes in vehicle inclination after EzCalipre has been calibrated to the vehicle. If inclination of the vehicle is changed, measuring software will change the calibration of the EzCalipre accordingly. When Autorobot Tracker device is used with EzCalipre, vehicle can be raised or lowered on a lift or on a bench during the damage estimation or body repair work. With Autorobot Tracker unit it is possible to measure the whole vehicle including body, chassis and side structures using one and the same calibration of EzCalipre tram gauge.

Autorobot Tracker properties

  • Tracker is compatible with latest EzCalipre models (manufactured after year 2008)
  • Wireless WLAN connection to measuring computer with supplied WLAN USB adapter
  • Function panel indicates status of calibration, signal strength and battery level
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery is charged with EzCalipre charger or with additional charger (sold separately)
  • 10 hour operating time
  • Weight approx. 1,4 kg

Autorobot Tracker and accessories

Trackerin jalustan avulla laite voidaan asettaa esim. ajoneuvon katolle. Jalustassa olevat magneetit pitävät laitteen tukevasti paikoillaan.
Tracker stand is used to mount Tracker on the vehicle (for example on the roof). The stand is equipped with 2 magnets to keep the device stationary.
Optional equipment:
300EL-7 Charger

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