Autorobot SmartPuller

Quick and easy to use auto dent pulling system

Autorobot SmartPuller

Quick and easy to use auto dent pulling system

SmartPuller is a new and unique auto dent repair system. This new innovation makes the repairing of vehicle panels and box structures faster and more economical. SmartPuller is easy and quick to use and it enables the dent repair of almost any area throughout the vehicle body in all needed directions

An easy use of the equipment has been achieved with the movable stand with the wheels and the adjustable support pads. Both rubber pads can be set to the strong areas of the body which allows the best support for each area to be straightened. Compact structure of SmartPuller enables easy use. Equipment needed for support and dent pulling can be adjusted to correct height, where they stay without holding. Autorobot SmartPuller needs a spot welder for fixing the washers or welding wire to the area to be pulled.

Usability of SmartPuller can be expanded with various optional accessories (for example wheel and door handling set).

Patented/patent pending in many countries.

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Autorobot’s strengths

Pioneer in ergonomics in the industry

Working efficiency with good working position

User-friendliness is acknowledged in product development

High quality equipment works well and is very durable

Market’s most technically advanced equipment

Patents and recognitions are proof of constant product development and innovations

Ergonomic work enables faster and more efficient working methods that do not strain the technician.

Autorobot Finland’s decades-long trend of innovative work has been positively recognized and awarded with many national and international prizes.

Speed and high product quality of car body repair are characteristics to all our equipment. Efficient car body and chassis work shortens the turnaround time of repair jobs.

With new generation remote-controlled equipment the functions can be controlled near the work station.