Autorobot Finland Oy – Innovative pioneer of the industry

Ability to produce innovations has been Autorobot Finland’s competitive advantage for more than 45 years. Among other things, company has launched many car body repair equipment solutions that have later become de facto standard in the industry. Autorobot’s strong brand is trusted all over the world.

Jarkko Venäläinen

Autorobot’s ability to innovate is a strong sign of pioneering the industry. However, this position has not been a gift, but is the result of hard work which is prerequisite for succeeding in the international market. Company wants to continue pioneering in customer-oriented technology, develop beneficial competitive advantages for customers and take care of a well functioning service.

  • Basis have not changed at all. In order to stay in business in the future, we are constantly striving to develop ourselves, products and services. Success in the future requires, in particular, increasing investment in R&D and patenting of new innovations, says Jarkko Venäläinen, Technical Manager of Autorobot Finland. In other words, company continues to be influenced by the same values ​​which it pursued in 1969.

Innovations result from a hands-on problem solving ability

From the very beginning, Autorobot’s innovations have been created out of a concrete need and a genuine desire to help mechanics do their job better. This practical need has always been solved right at the body shop premises and with a very practical problem solving way; company’s first prototype was an excellent example of such development work. – We have always faced the problem and produced various prototypes on a practical level, through experimentation and testing, we have found out what works best, says Venäläinen.


– Also, we have always been first to know what mechanics need in their work, and even today our top priority is to take into account the needs of mechanics and ergonomics of the work in our R&D . Moreover, to sort out, how the work in auto body shops could be more efficient, easier and more economical. Our goal is to increase work efficiency, which contributes to speed up the process, explains Mervi Korhonen, Marketing Manager.

According to Venäläinen, in order to produce successful innovations, development of the industry must be closely monitored and one must be sensitive to the feedback from the customers. – Most of the feedback is coming from our resellers, telling how our customers experience the working methods with our products, this gives us impulses for product improvements and for new products. These customer needs can be responded very quickly, especially in smaller products.

Behind a good reputation is a committed staff and safe to use products

Customers rely on Autorobot’s good reputation. – Customers come and also return to us because our products have solved their needs and also last a little too well, laughs Korhonen to the positive problem of the company’s product quality. High quality is extremely important as in addition to their durability: products must also be safe to use. Autorobot products are designed in accordance with industry standards, to meet the requirements for e.g. CE marking.

– Autorobot helps to make work safer. Our production personnel is committed to the instructions, ensuring high quality of our products and making sure, that working with our products in auto body shops is safe. We need to keep our finger on the pulse just as we did when we started, and our product quality is constantly evolved. Competence and commitment of the staff is a crucial part of the quality assurance process.

Autorobot’s highly motivated and committed staff with long careers means so-called tacit knowledge which is utilized in product development. The fact that most of the employees have been with the company for 30 years or more, speaks for itself. – Yes, you could say that Autorobot is a pleasant place to work, Venäläinen smiles. – People come to stay with us, therefore commitment of staff and retention of expertise in our company is our strength and bedrock. These people and their know-how is precisely the intellectual capital that will ultimately enable a company success!

Excellent service and ability to innovate will also be the key words behind the success in the future

You never know beforehand whether a product will be a bestseller or not, even though there would be a certain indicators for success for the product. New products are often tested in the domestic market, and after succeeding in Finland, it will most likely succeed in the international market as well. – Need for different kind of solutions are similar almost everywhere in the world, but in the end, the price range of the product determines whether a solution is suitable for a certain continent or not, emphasizes Venäläinen.

Autorobot mittalaiteosasto

Right from the beginning, Autorobot has invested in product support and excellent service. In Finland, customer support is easily handled, during normal working hours. Globally, however, challenges are posed by intercontinental time differences. Therefore support for international customers has been resolved with the help of local resellers. High quality of service and satisfied customers are the most important factors behind the success and we wish to continue investing in those as important competitive advantages.

Autorobot still holds more than a hundred internationally accepted patents, 90% of which are related to the automotive industry. However, old products cannot compete indefinitely,
therefore, R&D will play an increasingly important role in the future. Company has recently expanded its customer base from companies to private customers with EasyBoatRoller (shore dock) and EasyPierRoller, the fruits of product R&D work outside the automotive industry.

– Since sector develops rapidly, it is crucial to stay innovative and renewable. This means, for example, that it is not wise to do everything by yourself. Instead you should subcontract all which is neither rational nor possible to do in-house. Although subcontracting will certainly increase in the future, product development will stay in-house, promises Venäläinen.

Autorobot’s trendsetting innovations

Some of Autorobot’s trendsetting innovations:

  • Drive-on ramps to speed up fastening vehicle to the bench. 
  • Full-coverage measuring arch slides over the entire vehicle body for measuring sides and upper structures. 
  • 3D measuring data produced of the chassis, upper structures, sides, front and rear parts, roof and rocker panels. 
  • Universal fastening system (Starblock) interchangeable for MB, BMW, pickup trucks and other framed vehicles, using the same basic fastener. Simple, economical, smart. 
  • Modular bench system allows expansion of basic units. One low-cost system can be expanded with several modules until it becomes an efficient three-tower straightening system with push and pull capabilities. 
  • Centrally operated hydraulic operation (Autorobot II Super, Autorobot IV and Autorobot B20). This enables pulls and pushes as well as seamless direction changes since the entire system’s hydraulics are centrally operated. 
  • Robotic straightening arm (Autorobot IV) that can be used, due to central hydraulics, for unique straightening techniques. Some of these are: pushing (even inside the cabin), lifting up the roof structures, straightening out the vehicle floor, pushing or pulling A, B and C pillars from inside the vehicle. 
  • Aluminum straightening towers that ease straightening work, because the handling weight is 50% less than ordinary steel towers. 
  • Electronic measuring system, for full-vehicle coverage, measures the entire vehicle chassis and body. Based on a mechanical measuring arch that slides over the vehicle, the same measuring setup can measure both the vehicle chassis and all the upper body structures. The whole system can be used either mechanically or electronically; for this reason the system is also suited for training in this field. 
  • Radio-controlled Autorobot B20 straightening bench. Radio control enhances work safety as well as easing and speeding up repair work. 
  • Autorobot B20’s front-to-back hydraulically adjustable bench quickly places fasteners in the correct spot for every vehicle, significantly speeding up fastening time. Also, a vehicle can remain fastened to the bench during side pulls, because the front-to-back position of the fasteners moves with simple lengthwise adjustment of the bench. 
  • B20 Pull/push straightening method. Double-action cylinder technology allows stop support to an adjacent area at the same time that a pull or push is being performed at damage site. Severe damage is quickly repaired. Quick pulls possible without vehicle fastening in some cases. 
  • Hydraulic straightening unit accords additional support during demanding repairs, such as for vehicle fastening as well as to rocker panel ends or frame structures. This additional support allows higher pulling forces required for straightening frame damage.
  • Autorobot EzCalipre3D – the world’s first tram gauge with 3D measurement function. EzCalipre is an electronic measuring device for inspecting vehicle body / chassis for collision damage and documenting the quality of repairs. New and unique for this  measuring device is its ability to measure quickly and inexpensively with 2D or 3D mode in almost all situations that occur in repair work.
  • Autorobot SmartPuller – Dent pulling machine with castor wheels makes dent pulling of panels and straightening of box structures faster and more economical. The special feature of the SmartPuller is that it enables the dent repair of almost any area throughout the vehicle body in all needed directions.

Our customers tell

  • Great service and very fast response.

    Ragnar Geir Jónsson
    Bílar og hjól ehf, Iceland
  • Autorobot Finland OY is simply the best in the market!

    Charles Hungwe
    Continental Autobodies & Eng.
    Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa

  • Good company.

    Rakesh Sehgal
    JAGDAMBAY engg & Welding Works, India


    Andrew Starkey
    WORKINGTON, Irving Eng Ltd, United Kingdom

  • The primary reason for the score was you did very well, all thing considering, that we are miles apart and yet you responded to me, not in a week or a Month, that good customer service for me.

    Rose Constance
    My own company, Port of spain, Trinidad and Tobago

  • I purchased a 714 satellite b set with other attachments and so far everything is working as expected and prices was great also. They responded on timely way whenever I had any questions on their products.

    Bodyshop, USA

  • Friendliness and professionalism.

    Paula Nobre
    AUTOTEC, LDA., Portugal

  • Product quality is great and the service behind the products is excellent.

    ASTRA, Los Barrios, Spain

  • I am very happy with general support and knowledge which I got from Autorobot. I am very happy with the quality of products and the technical solution. And I like to work with good people who can understand this business.

    Aleksander Presekar
    KOCH, Servisna Oprema, d.o.o., Trzin, Slovenia

Autorobot’s strengths

Pioneer in ergonomics in the industry

Working efficiency with good working position

User-friendliness is acknowledged in product development

High quality equipment works well and is very durable

Market’s most technically advanced equipment

Patents and recognitions are proof of constant product development and innovations

Ergonomic work enables faster and more efficient working methods that do not strain the technician.

Autorobot Finland’s decades-long trend of innovative work has been positively recognized and awarded with many national and international prizes.

Speed and high product quality of car body repair are characteristics to all our equipment. Efficient car body and chassis work shortens the turnaround time of repair jobs.

With new generation remote-controlled equipment the functions can be controlled near the work station.

40+ Years of experience in auto collision repair industry


100+ patents and awards

4000+ car modelS IN measuring dataBASE