Grippers, clamps and auto body tools

We have different kind of clamps and other dent pulling tools for different types of repair jobs in our product range.

Grippers, clamps and auto body tools

Body repair tools

Grippers, clamps and auto body tools

Among the car body tools and grippers, a wide selection of self-locking clamps, pull rings, chains, safety slings, pull arches and sheet metal hooks are available in our product range.

714B Autorobot Satellite gripper set

714B Autorobot Satellite gripper set

The modular 714B Satellite gripper set makes straightening quick and easy by allowing optimal pulling directions and thus reducing need for several straightening pulls.

What makes this set unique is its versatility, allowing different shapes of car body repair tools to be attached to the moulded, rotating, 360 degrees adjustable straightening arm, which also provides optimal pulling lines.

Thanks to this feature the body shop no longer needs to invest large amount of money in various body repair tools nor reserve storage space for them. The modules of the Satellite gripper set are made of the best materials for trouble-free repair of the strongest car body structures.

714B Satellite gripper set is an excellent tool for car body shops which want to be profitable and give the best possible service.

714B Autorobot Satellite oikaisusarja setti (sarjan varustus)
714B Satellite car body
straightening set (equipment)

714B+1 Autorobot Satellite pull/push set for car body straightening

714B+1 Autorobot Satellite pull/push set for car body straightening

Satellite 714B+1 is a complete straightening set for pulling and support. The set consists of patented straightening modules that work both independently and together. Modular design means profitability because the bodyshop now doesn’t need to purchase separate tool sets for each purpose.

In line straightening of the strong-structured B pillar often requires a hydraulic pull together with a simultaneous mechanical push.

714B+1 Monitoiminen oikaisusarja
714B+1 Multipurpose straightening set

714A-1A Multi-purpose double gripper

714A-1A Multi-purpose double gripper

Efficient 714A-1A multi-purpose double gripper is excellent when repairing nowadays strong car body structures.

Double gripper has a large gripping area and grippers are turnable in the connecting plate, which enables fastening to curvy targets. The double gripper can easily be divided into two separate grippers.

The double gripper works effectively, for example, in demanding longitudinal pulls of the frame.

It also works well with support sets for door and window openings.

714A-1A Monitoiminen kaksoistarrain
714A-1A Multi-purpose double gripper

714A-6 Gripper for multiple pulling angles

714A-6 Gripper for multiple pulling angles

The multi-purpose gripper is a very efficient and versatile tool. The pulling ring of the gripper turns 180°, which always provides an ideal pulling angle for the damaged points. The large operational area also enables simultaneous pulls in two directions.

The gripper can be utilized for lateral, vertical and lengthwise straightening in all parts of the vehicle body. It can be attached on the edges of the frame structure, and the door and window openings.

90-degree pulling angles can be created with the help of the pull plate delivered with the gripper. The plate works also as an independent tool when repairing the vehicle B and C pillars, hoods etc.

714A-6 Monen vetosuunnan tarrain
714A-6 Gripper for multiple pulling angles

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