Car straightening modules

Autorobot’s product range includes straightening modules for various car body repair needs.

Multifunctional pulling tower

Collision repair systems

501D2+ Multifunctional telescopic pulling tower

501D2+ triple-jointed multifunctional pulling tower enables fast straightening operations. Because of its’ high-grade aluminium material, handling is easy and ergonomic due to the lightness.

The horizontal beam is adjustable and lockable into multiple positions with the tooth locking mechanism within 180 degrees range. The vertical tower is also adjustable to different angles. With these features, pulling tower can be used in front of the vehicle as well as on both sides, covering 70 % of the vehicle. A joint extension, another specialty of the multifunctional pulling tower, transforms it into a lifting crane to accomplish direct upward pulls. The telescopic design of the horizontal beam allows tower length adjustments.

Straightening power module

514F Straightening power module

With straightening power module, a standard car body straightening equipment (e.g. Autorobot B10 or B15) is transformed into an efficient collision repair system, which is needed for particularly demanding auto body repair jobs. The power module provides versatile pull and push options for straightening job. Additional towers can be attached to it, resulting a simultaneous 3-point pull.

This power module is easily removed and relocated to another workstation, when needed.

Extra pulling tower with hydraulics

B20-6 Extra pulling tower with hydraulics

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