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Personnel introduction

We have approximately 30 people working at Autorobot Finland Oy. Our experienced and qualified personnel play an important role in our success and your satisfaction. Our team's skills range in scope from product designers, welders and fabricators to professionals in sales and export.

As a company engaged mainly in manufacture for export, we trust our skillful export personnel to serve our customers well in several languages including English, German, Swedish, Spanish and Russian.

Venäläinen Olavi
Managing Director
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   Venäläinen Soili
Financial Manager
Tel. +358-10-322 5714
Mobile +358-50-362 2147
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Hartikainen Kari
Procurement Manager
Tel. +358-10-322 5724
Mobile +358-50-408 0296
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Suontio Victor
After Sales Manager
Head of Measuring Department
Tel. +358-10-322 5726
Mobile +358-45-138 6010
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Salotaipale Ari
Sales Manager, domestic and CIS
Tel. +358-10-322 5725
Mobile +358-45-138 6011
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Pöllänen Pia
Export Secretary
Tel. +358-10-322 5718
Mobile +358-50-362 2160
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Venäläinen Risto
Trainer/After Sales Service (domestic)
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Venäläinen Jarkko
Technical Manager
Tel. +358-10-322 5720
Mobile +358-50-0274 794
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Virtanen Emil
Export Assistant, CIS
Tel. +358-10-322 5721
Mobile +358-50-361 9397
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Mustonen Kirsi
Datasheets/Measuring Archivist
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Torvinen Lassi
Production Manager
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Miettinen Jouko
Product Development Engineer
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Korhonen Mervi
Marketing Designer
Tel. +358-10-322 5712
Mobile +358-50-362 2130
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