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Vehicle fastening and support

Research and Development at Autorobot has focused particularly on innovative vehicle fastening and support equipment, the results being quick and easy bench mounting and accurate repair work. Presently, Autorobot's patented system offers the quickest one-bolt sill clamps for pinch-weld fastening available on the market (approx. 80% of vehicles have pinch welds), and our Starblock fastening set for cars without pinch welds or for full-frame vehicles.

Autorobot offers various adjustable support and bearing jig sets. These jigs hold new parts in their correct position as the vehicle is pulled to it and/or hold replacement body and frame parts to the vehicle for welding.

Fastening sets

» Chassis fasteners
» Starblock -fastening sets for the vehicles without pinch weld and for the full frame vehicles. See the specified fastening sets for each car model in the chart.
» Fastening chart for vehicles without pinch weld and for full frame vehicles (pdf-file)